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Proportional Gain and Proportional Band (ENG.)

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In a closed loop system, a controller is used to amplify the amount of output change in proportion to the change that occurs at the input. Controllers provide amplification using one of two modes of proportional functions; Proportional Gain and Proportional Band. Watch this video to learn more.

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What PIDs do and how they do it (ENG.)

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In this video I try to explain in simple terms, the black magic and voodoo that happens in a PID system, such as the ones used in our multirotor flight controllers like the Naze32 and CC3D. As usual, I've take a few liberties to make it easier to understand what can otherwise be a very complicated subject.

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General Principles of Measurement in Industrial Instrumentation and control

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Simple explanation of working principle of number of measuring techniques this includes. Level Measurement using DP Transmitters Level Measurement using displacer Level measurements using Ultrasonic Pressure measurements using Bourdon tube Pressure measurements using Diaphragm Temperature measurements using Thermal expansion Temperature measurements using RTD (resistance temperature detectors) Temperature measurements using Thermocouple Flow measurement using DP transmitter Flow measurement using Turbine Flow Meter Flow measurement using PD Meter (Positive Displacement) Flow measurement using Coriolis meter Speed measurements

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