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Magmeter Flow Sensor (Eng.)

Source: Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd.
The 2551 Magmeter is an insertion style magnetic flow sensor that features no moving parts. The patented* sensor design is available in corrosion-resistant materials to provide long-term reliability with minimal maintenance costs.
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Coriolis Flow Meter (Principle of Operation) (Eng.)

Source: Yokogawa
Demonstration of the principle of operation of the Yokogawa Rotamass coriolis flow meter
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Variable Area Flowmeter - Rotameter (Eng.)

Source: Yokogawa Test & Measurement
Yokogawa ROTAMETERs are available with metering tubes manufactured from either glass, plastic or metal.
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Go with the Flow: part 1 (NL.)

Bron: Endress & Hauser
Basisbegrippen in industriële flowmetingen
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Go with the Flow: part 2 (NL.)

Bron: Yokogawa
VA-meters, Verschildruk / Vortex debietmeters
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Go with the Flow: part 3a (NL.)

Bron: Krohne
Ultrasone flowmetingen
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Go with the Flow: part 3b (NL.)

Bron: ABB Instrumentation
Automation products, ProcessMaster 
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Go with the Flow: part 4a: Coriolismetingen (Nl.)

Bron: Endress & Hauser
PROline Promass Product Presentation
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Go with the Flow: part 4b (Eng.)

Source: ABB N.V.
Thermal Mass Flowmeter 
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Go with the Flow: part 5a (NL.)

Bron: ABB N.V.
Kalibratie / herkalibratie 
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Go with the Flow: part 5b (NL.)

Bron: Krohne
Total Cost of Ownership & Facturatie  
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How Thermal Mass Flow Meter Technology Works (ENG.)

Source: Sierra Instruments Inc.

Learn the principles of operation in thermal mass flow meter technology and how thermal dispersion mass flow meter technology works. Find out more about Sierra's line of heavy and light industrial thermal mass flow meters at: Industrial thermal mass flow meters, also known as thermal dispersion or immersible thermal mass flow meters comprise a family of instruments for precision measurement of total mass flow rate of a fluid, primarily gases, flowing through closed conduits such as pipes & ducts.

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Contactloos volume flow meting op transportbanden

Source: Daniel Pereira (SICK)

  • Non-contact volume flow measurement
    Early fire detection / prevention of silo fires
    Sick monitorin box

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