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Basic Course European Patent Rights and Patent Practice - 2nd year

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The course is offered in a hybrid format.
On the registration form you can choose to preferably attend live, or to follow the course online.

With a renewed approach the Expert Group Intellectual Property of ie-net started its two-year course in European Patent Law and Patent Practice again in January 2023. In doing so we wanted to respond better to the expectations of our participants.
From this 18th edition the course starts each year in January to end in December of the same year. In this way, our course fits in better with other, more specific courses on European or national patent law.
We focus even more on gaining insight into European patent law. This allows participants to apply the acquired knowledge more quickly in their daily work.

In the first year (2023), after introducing the world of patent law, we focused on obtaining patentable claims reports supported by the description and figures. In the second year (2024) the emphasis will be on procedural patent law to obtain a granted patent via EPC or via the PCT route. The different stakeholders and their role in this process are outlined. The legal value of the thus granted patent is discussed.


As years 1 and 2 of the "Basic Course European Patent Rights and Patent Practice" are independent of each other, there is no need for participants to have taken the first part of the course already before participating in the second one.

The course is organized with the support of the "Centre d'Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle" (University of Strasbourg).
The first year will be on the agenda again in 2025.

Target group

The Basic Course targets everyone who is involved in intellectual property, in particular scientists, R&D managers and attorneys at law, for example as a patent advisor, patent manager or patent attorney in training.

Program (provisional shedule)

January - June
11-01: Introduction - Kris Hertoghe
25-01: Filing and requirements of the European patent application (Art. 75 - 86 EPC) - Ariane Bird
08-02: Procedure up to grant (part 1) (Art. 90 - 98 EPC) - Bart Laenen
22-02: Procedure up to grant (part 2) (Art. 90 - 98 EPC) - Bart Laenen
07-03: Patent Cooperation Treaty - PCT (part 1) - Davy Wauters
14-03: Patent Cooperation Treaty - PCT (part 2) - Davy Wauters
28-03: Patent Cooperation Treaty - PCT (part 3) - Davy Wauters
18-04: Appeals procedure of the European patent (Art. 106 - 112 EPC) - Jurgen Duyver / Ingrid Luyten
02-05: Oral Proceedings (Art. 116 - 117 EPC) and other practical guidelines - Kris Pappaert
23-05: Languages of the EPO, EP applications and other documents (Art. 14 EPC) - Ignace Tack
30-05: Representation (Art. 133 - 134a EPC) - Ignace Tack
13-06: The inventor, the applicant and the entitled person throughout the EPC - David Lesthaeghe
27-06: Patents as an object of property (Art. 71 - 74 EPC) and other considerations - Pieter Callens

September - December
05-09: Common Provisions (part 1) (Art. 119-125 EPC) - Bart van den Hazel
19-09: Common Provisions (part 2) (Art. 119-125 EPC) information to the public - Bart van den Hazel
03-10: Common Provisions at the EPO (Art. 113-115 EPC) - Jurgen Duyver
17-10: Extent of protection (Art. 63 - 70) - Lieven Van hunsel
07-11: Nullity and infringement - Johan Brants
21-11: Fees and annuities in the EPC - Arianne Bird
05-12: Unity of invention (Art. 82 EPC) - Liesbet Paemen

Time schedule
Thursday afternoon from 17:00h until 20:30h
Welcome coffee at 16:30h
Sandwich meal at 18:30h

Additional information
Course language and course material will be in English.


Ariane Bird, Page
Johan Brants, brantsandpatents
Pieter Callens, Eubelius
Jurgen Duyver, Gevers Patents
Kris Hertoghe,
Bart Laenen, LC Patents
David Lesthaeghe, De Clercq & Partners
Ingrid Luyten, Gevers Patents

Liesbet Paemen, De Clercq & Partners
Kris Pappaert, De Clercq & Partners
Ignace Tack, Atlas Copco
Lieven Van hunsel, Bureau M.F.J. Bockstael

Davy Wauters, Winger

scientific coordinator: André Clerix, director IP - IMEC

Contact & info

Dirk De Wilde
ie-net ingenieursvereniging vzw
11/01/2024 Van: 17u00
12/12/2024 Tot: 20u30
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