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Dispute Avoidance & Resolution in Engineering and Construction Projects

What to expect:

  • Analysis of dispute avoidance measures: traditional and more recently promoted.
  • Comparison of different claim and dispute resolution procedures – between the parties only or involving one or more third persons (court experts, mediators, adjudicators, arbitrators or ordinary courts).
  • Evaluation of the powers of intervening third parties: nature, power to determine extension of time, payment, ea.
  • Legal issues with alternative dispute resolution.
  • Discussion of the impact of the dispute procedure(s) on project management (organization) and budget.

So in short: sharing experiences, tips, tricks and lessons learned. 


18:30: Registration with sandwiches and coffee


  • Welcome
  • Brief Introduction by Didier De Buyst, chairman of the event and visiting professor Faculty of Architecture
  • Lecture on the topic by Luc Imbrechts, Legal Counsel, Imbrechts & Van den Nest (in English unless all attendees understand Dutch)
  • Q & A and discussion with the attendees

22:00: Adjourn

Inhoud van de lezing


  • The goals of a Project
  • The Nature of Parties in a Project

Dispute Avoidance 

  • Parties’ Technical Capacity
  • Parties’ Financial Capacity
  • Risk Management
  • Contract Management

Dispute Resolution 

  • Resolution “In Contract”
  • Adjudication 
    Informal Assistance & Mediation
    Decision Procedure
    Lessons Learned
  • Amicable Settlement
  • Arbitration

In Engineering and Constructions Projects 

  • Root Causes and Proximate Causes
  • Causes of Dispute in Projects
  • Cross section of failed projects
  • Dispute Evolution and Resolution 


ORI - Organisatie van advies-en ingenieursbureaus
29/11/2018 Van: 19u00 tot 22u00
Het Ingenieurshuis Desguinlei 214 2018 Antwerpen

€ 250 voor niet-leden € 175 voor bedrijfspartners ie-net € 175 voor persoonlijke leden ie-net € 175 voor leden ORI € 175 voor leden BVBR € 125 voor persoonlijke leden ie-net <30|>65


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