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FIDIC Model Contracts - The Engineer's Perspective

The publication of the 2017 model contracts by Fidic is a new cornerstone for international engineering contractors and design offices. The Fidic’s concept of Engineer is not only that of a designer but foremost of an administrator for the whole project. The event will focus on the Engineer’s perspective from a practical point of view.

In the first part an analysis will be made of the Fidic 2017 White Book 5th edition of the model Services Agreement.
The second part will cover the Engineer’s duties, responsibilities, powers and liabilities under the Fidic 2017 Red (Construction), Yellow (Design & Build) and Silver Books (EPC/Turn-key). Particular attention will be given to the interface between the Engineer and the Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication Board.  

Target Group

This event is intended for consulting engineers, project directors, project managers, design engineers, lead engineers, construction managers, dispute resolution board members, arbitrators etc. acting on national and international industrial projects in civil works, infrastructure, plants, equipment, and other endeavours related to engineering, covering front-end engineering, Design & Build and EPC contracts.

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24 April 2018


from 18h00 till 22h00


18h00: Registration with sandwiches and coffee

19h00: Welcome

 Brief introduction by prof. Dr. ir. Didier De Buyst, chairman of the event
 Introduction on Fidic 2017 model contracts by Luc Imbrechts, Imbrechts & Van den Nest
 Part 1 : The 2017 Fidic White Book by Luc Imbrechts, Imbrechts & Van den Nest
 Part 2 : The 2017 Fidic Red, Yellow & Silver Books by Luc Imbrechts, Imbrechts & Van den Nest

 Q & A and discussion with the attendees

22h00: End of the event


ORI - Organisatie van advies-en ingenieursbureaus
24/04/2018 Van: 18u00 tot 22u00
Het Ingenieurshuis Desguinlei 214 2018 Antwerpen

250 € for non-members 175 € for individual members ie-net 175 € for corporate members ie-net 175 € for members BVBR-ABDC 175 € for members ORI 125 € for individual members <30y | >65y


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