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Proviron is a global chemical company, established in 1977. Ever since, Proviron has been bridging the gap between environment, health and safety on one side, and chemical solutions on the other. It is certainly no coincidence our company name Proviron is made of two words: "Process"​ and "Environment"​. More than words, Proviron acts. Proviron's mission is to provide solutions for tomorrow's problems. As a diversified chemical company, we do a lot of things: - we help airports and airlines with deicing solutions: Provifrost®, - we invent monomers for water based applications: Provichem®, - we develop ingredients that replace antibiotics in animal feed, - we produce non-phthalate and even bio-based plasticizers: Proviplast®, - we invest in the production of micro-algae with promising characteristics, - we are active in bioenergy with our biogas feedstock Provigrow®, - we produce heat transfer fluids: Proviflow™,
Wij zijn TEC, een technische projectsourcingbureau die technische expertise levert voor projecten in verschillende sectoren.
Onze 2.000 medewerkers wijzen particulieren, zelfstandigen, kmo’s en multinationals dagelijks de weg naar topprestaties. Jaarlijks komt dat neer op de ondersteuning van ruim 60.000 klanten met inspecties, certificaten, conformiteitsevaluaties en opleidingen. Onze expertise is onze kracht.
We are experts in market dynamics and processes, including consumer challenges in the energy & utility sectors. We like to strategically think of technology implementation and tackle operational business challenges across the entire value chains of our industries of expertise.