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Kapernikov is a team of consultants who do Machine Vision & Operational Intelligence projects. Utility companies, grid operators and manufacturing companies call upon us.

Kapernikov is a team of consultants who specialize in Industry 4.0, data management and computer vision.

Embedded C++ developer

Vaktechnisch - expert
Burgerlijk ingenieur (ir.)
Industrieel ingenieur (ing.)
Vaste job
Onbepaalde duur
geen ervaring
Telecom, ICT en internet


We are Kapernikov

Kapernikov is a no-nonsense ICT consultancy team which aims to help clients get the most out of their data by managing them better. Since our establishment in 2011, we have steadily grown to a versatile team of about 35 enthusiastic people.

Our customers are mainly companies in the industries of utilities, manufacturing and machine building. We run operational intelligence projects aimed at giving them insights in their industrial processes, so they can make operational decisions with confidence, and machine vision projects aimed at helping them improve the performance of their machines and operators.

We approach each challenge starting from our customer’s goals and select the most appropriate technology for each project. When an off-the-shelf solution cannot be found, we develop customized solutions. We love to work in teams of both Kapernikov and customer colleagues, so we can benefit from the cross-pollination of our different backgrounds and experiences.

Kapernikov is managed using the principles of Sociocracy 3.0, where everyone has a say. Work-life balance is not a mere buzzword but our way of life.

What the job entails

Do you have what it takes to join us?

When it comes to talent, we’re quite picky here at Kapernikov. We’re not asking just anyone to help us shape the future of Industry 4.0. However, you might wonder whether you have it in you to become part of the Kapernikov team. Let’s see what you’re made of.

Did you ever develop software for fun?

Does automating machines make your heart beat faster?

Do you keep up with the latest technologies?

Would you like to solve complex puzzles in industrial environments

Then you might have the motivation.

Do you have experience with automation?

Do you have a strong opinion on what Linux distro we should use?

Did you ever automate a process? Or something else that made an impact on the ‘real’ world?

Then you might have the skills.

Are you usually the guy or gal who sees the solution first?

Can you explain difficult stuff without losing your audience?

Do you understand how a piece of technology can really make a difference?

Then you might have the talent.

Congratulations if you made it this far.

But do you have the job?

We are looking for an embedded C++ enthusiast. Both beginner- and expert-level candidates are welcome, but you need to have the motivation and talent to become an expert.





Algemene vereisten

Convince us of your skills:

You have proven experience in C++, Python & industrial control systems.

You have notions of ‘classical’ automation – PLC/Scada control, electrical signals, sensor technology.

Send in a Github link, come over and demo a self-made project.

Our customers usually explain their problems from an operational standpoint. Our solutions however tend to get very technical. If you can build the bridge between those two worlds or if you have it in you to become our technical wizard, then you might just get the job.

You communicate fluently in English. Knowledge of Dutch and/or French is a plus.

Aanbod en voordelen

We offer you an interesting job in a modern company

  • A full-time job in a pleasant working environment where all of your talents are appreciated.
  • We have a fancy coworking place close to Brussels Midi station which is a wonderful, informal place to collaborate. However, we often work at the customer’s site, which could be anywhere in Belgium (albeit most often around Brussels).
  • Challenging problems that require your innovative thinking. Cool projects where the software you write actually controls part of the world.
  • The chance to get paid to do what you love. We offer a competitive salary and many fringe benefits.
  • Education and training to perform your job well. We aim to get people up to date with modern technologies and provide time and budget to take courses or go to congresses.
  • A lot of freedom to organize your work the way that suits you best.
  • A vibrant atmosphere with room for new ideas, experimentation and cross-fertilization with other Kapernikov consultants. We are a friendly team to spar with and learn from.
  • Kapernikov is a self-organized company with sociocracy as toolbox, meaning decisions are taken and implemented by everyone as equals. We are not the classic organisation with a strict hierarchy. Our employees come first.


We love to hear from you!

Like what we do? And think we’re looking for you? Drop us a line and your CV at jobs[at] and we’ll invite you for a talk, either in real life or online, depending on where you are.

We typically have two or three interviews (sometimes three. You’ll talk to various people within Kapernikov to cover your questions on all aspects of the job too.