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Apogado is a vendor-neutral company focusing on the multidisciplinary field of information security, privacy, and eGovernment.

Apogado is a vendor-neutral company focusing on the multidisciplinary field of information security, privacy, and eGovernment.

Digital Transformation Consultant

Raadgevend ingenieur
Vaktechnisch - expert
Bio ingenieur (ir.)
Burgerlijk ingenieur (ir.)
Burgerlijk ingenieur architect (ir.)
Industrieel ingenieur (ing.)
Vaste job
Onbepaalde duur
geen ervaring


Are you fascinated by IT Architecture, Security and efficiency?

Do you - just like us - believe that modern technology can make our lives easier, and make companies and governments more efficient? 

Knowledge of Dutch is absolutely necessary!

Would you be able to help our customers with the following questions?

  • What IT architecture do I need to implement a new process?
  • What is the best solution so that we can use the data from application A in application B?
  • How do we expose this data in a secure manner?
  • How do we expose this legacy application to the internet?
  • What are the requirements for our new application if we want to integrate it with our IAM-solution?

Then perhaps Apogado can become your perfect environment.

As an engineer in Digital Transformation you will help our clients in turning their vision into a well-defined technical and application architecture.

From your experience and/or background you know what the advantages and/or disadvantages are in using specific technologies, standards, packages, languages, …





Algemene vereisten

Profile :

  • Master degree in Information Technology or similar via experience
  • You know how to turn functional requirements into technical building blocks and designs.
  • You have some knowledge on Service Oriented Architecture principles.
  • You are interested in modern technology such as: Virtualisation, Microservices, API management, Enterprise Service Bus, (Hybrid) Cloud, Rest API, …
  • You have a basic knowledge on various security topics, like Https/SSL, API security, …
  • You are a good writer in Dutch, English and/or French.
  • You are result driven and not afraid to propose new initiatives

Most of all you are creative, willing to learn, a good communicator, solution oriented and passionate about IT.

Aanbod en voordelen

What does Apogado offer?

You will work in a challenging team of people with similar views, exploring new technologies and practical applications. You will have the flexibility of a small company, and facing the challenges of complex environments (our customers).

You will have the possibility to learn from you colleagues and the years of experience Apogado has accumulated during several IT transformation projects, both from the public and private sector, from start-ups to multinationals.

We offer a good salary matched to your experience, complemented with various additional advantages (such as a company car or full reimbursement of transportation cost, group insurance, health insurance, meal vouchers).

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent


Q : Is this a technical Job?

A : This one is. You need to have at least a basic understanding on how the IT systems work and fit together in a day-to-day organisation.

Q: What are the typical things I would do during my job?

A: A few examples of tasks we take on in helping our customers:

  • Identifying functional and technical needs for a specific problem or process;
  • Translation the functional requirements into technical solutions. This can be by researching market solutions or guiding the development of custom-made solutions; 
  • Defining integrations between applications considering aspects like compatibility, security and privacy;
  • Guiding the customer throughout integration projects;
  • Defining future-proof API’s;
  • Defining an approach for Identity and Access Management and providing guidance in the correct implementation.

Q: Where will I work?

A : The ‘Basecamp’ will be in our office in Mechelen. We believe it is crucial that you know your colleagues, can share ideas and work in a team. Of course meetings at the clients will occur. Occasionally working from home is also possible. We are not “Bodyshoppers”.

Q : Who are the clients of Apogado ?

A : Most of the time they are large private or public sector organisations. In the public sector our clients range from the EU, Federal Government, Flemish Government, large and small cities. 

Q : I’m a free-lancer, can I also apply?

A : No, we are currently only looking for permanent full time engagements. Nevertheless, you can always send us on overview of your specific skills in this matter and we will contact you if we have a need for those skills.

Q : Will I need to program?

A : Not right away. It might occur that some processes need to be automated and this can be accomplished by some small programs or scripts. These kinds of tasks will be aligned with your capabilities and interests. 

Q : How much experience is needed for this job?

A : We accept candidates with every degree in experience as long as the willingness to learn and evolve is present. A basic knowledge of IT architecture component is a must, but the ability to quickly understand and apply new IT architecture concepts is much more important.