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Update on the revision process of the Eurocodes

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The Eurocodes are already in use for about 10 years. They are regarded as the most advanced suite of structural design standards and facilitate a common understanding and common design criteria across Europe. The Eurocodes, being in use already for some time, need to be again reviewed and updated in order to accommodate to new knowledge and to improve deficiencies which have been detected over time. Hence, CEN/TC250 has embarked on a program to revise and improve the Eurocodes. In due course, National Standardization Bodies such as NBN will have to review their National Annexes, etc. accordingly. 
CEN/TC250 is CEN’s committee in charge of all the structural Eurocodes. Most of its current work revolves around the successful delivery of the revision program developed in response to the European Commission’s Mandate M/515 for ‘amending existing Eurocodes and extending the scope of structural Eurocodes’. This work includes development of a new structural Eurocode on glass and revisions to the existing codes to cover: 
- improving the ease of use, particularly for day-to-day calculations
- a reduction in the number of national by determined parameters (NDPs)
- assessment, reuse and retrofitting of existing structures
- improving requirements for robustness.
The committee is also concerned with essential maintenance and promotion. Towards the end of 2014, a systematic review of all Eurocodes was undertaken and from this a work program was developed and is currently being executed. The actual drafting of the revised Standards is performed by funded project teams, delivering draft proposals for the revision to the relevant subcommittees of TC250. 
Currently, Phase 1 of the revision process is finalized, Phase 2 is half-way and Phases 3 and 4 have been contracted. Hence, at this time, it is considered a suitable time to provide an update on the revision process on the national level. During this half day seminar an overview is provided of the current status of the revision process as well as an update on the status of the revision process in relation to Eurocodes EN1990, EN1991, EN1992, EN1993 and EN1997. The chairman of the CEN/TC250 committee, as well as several convenors of the current relevant subcommittees will provide an update and interact with participants to the seminar.


14:00    Welcome (Prof. Robby Caspeele / N.N. )
14:15    Towards the second generation of the Eurocodes (Prof. Steve Denton, chairperson CEN/TC250)
14:45    Update on the revision of Eurocode EN1990 (Prof. Paolo Formichi, chairperson CEN/TC250/SC10)
15:30    coffee break
16:00    Update on the revision of Eurocode EN1991 (Dr. Nick Malakatas, chairperson CEN/TC250/SC1)
16:30    Update on the revision of Eurocode EN1992 (Prof. Hans Ganz, chairperson CEN/TC250/SC2)
17:00    Update on the revision of Eurocode EN1993 (Prof. Ulrike Kuhlmann, chairperson CEN/TC250/SC3)
17:30    Update on the revision of Eurocode EN1997 (ir. Adriaan van Seters, chairperson CEN/TC250/SC7) 
18:00    Closing (Julie Weynans, Trainings & Events Manager NBN)
18:15    Network drink

Target Audience

ie-net member or ie-net partner, member of BBRI, BBG, BGGG, Infosteel and FABI.
Benefit from the reduced participation fee of € 150,50 (instead of € 215)

The target audience relates to everybody confronted or interested in any aspect of the Eurocodes. Participation will be profitable to representatives from all sections of civil engineering, including practicing engineers, consultants, contractors, researchers, decision makers and representatives from local authorities. Participants will learn about the currently ongoing revision of the Eurocodes and be able to connect with each other and main responsibles for the revision process at the European level.

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18/09/2019 Van: 14u00 tot 18u00
VBO Ravensteinstraat 4 1000 Brussel

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