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Basic Course European Patent Rights and Patent Practice - 1st year

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Starting January 2023, the Expert Group Intellectual Property of ie-net will be offering the two-year course in European Patent Law and Practice again. With a renewed approach, we want to respond better to the expectations of our participants.
From this 18th edition we start each course year in January to end in December of the same year. In this way, our course fits in better with other, more specific courses on European or national patent law.
We will focus even more on gaining insight into European patent law. This allows participants to apply the acquired knowledge more quickly in their daily work.

During the first year, the emphasis will be on substantive patent law. In the second year, we will delve deeper into procedural patent law.
Finally, the lessons are better coordinated with each other, with each lesson building on the already seen material. We provide more exercises, which are also designed in such a way that they can be reused during the course year.

The course is organized with the support of the "Centre d'Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle" (University of Strasbourg).
The second year will be on the agenda in 2024.

Target group

The Basic Course targets everyone who is involved in intellectual property, in particular scientists, R&D managers and attorneys at law, for example as a patent advisor, patent manager or patent attorney in training.

DATES (provisional shedule)

January - June
12-01: Introduction - Tinneke Jacobs / Kris Hertoghe
19-01: Patentability (Art. 52 - 53 EPC) - Isabelle Surdej
02-02: Further patentability topics (Art. 53 - Art. 57 EPC) - Andrej Michalik
16-02: Novelty Part 1 (Art. 54 EPC) - Davy Wauters / Kris Hertoghe
02-03: Novelty Part 2 (Art. 54 EPC) + non-prejudicial disclosures - Davy Wauters / Kris Hertoghe / Liesbet Paemen
16-03: Novelty ranges - Christophe Ego
30-03: Novelty (Art. 54 EPC): Exercises EM - Davy Wauters / Kris Hertoghe
20-04: Novelty (Art. 54 EPC): Exercises Chemistry - David Lesthaeghe / Kris Pappaert
04-05: Inventive step (Art. 56 EPC) introduction - Isabelle Surdej
11-05: Inventive step (Art. 56 EPC) - Isabelle Surdej
25-05: Inventive step (Art. 56 EPC): Exercises - Johan Brants
08-06: Priority (Art. 87-89 EPC) - Annemie Jaeken
22-06: Procedure up to grant Part 1 (Art. 90-98 EPC) - Bart Laenen

September - December
07-09: Common Provisions (Art. 119-125 EPC) - Bart van den Hazel
21-09: Redactional requirements of a patent application - Annemie Jaeken
05-10: Redactional requirements of a patent application - Annemie Jaeken / Isabelle Surdej
19-10: Redactional requirements of a patent application - Annemie Jaeken / Isabelle Surdej
26-10: Extent of Protection (Art. 63-70 EPC) - Lieven Van hunsel
09-11: Claims: exercises Chemistry / Biotechnology - Andrej Michalik / TBC
23-11: Claims: exercises EM - TBC
07-12: Opposition and Limitation Part 1 - William E. Bird
21-12: Opposition and Limitation Part 2 - William E. Bird

Time schedule
Thursday afternoon from 17:00h until 20:30h
Welcome coffee at 16:30h
Sandwich meal at 18:30h

Additional information
Course language and course material will be in English.

Contact & info

Dirk De Wilde
ie-net ingenieursvereniging vzw
12/01/2023 Van: 17u00
21/12/2023 Tot: 20u30
Het Ingenieurshuis Desguinlei 214 2018 Antwerpen
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