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Basic Course European Patent Rights and Patent Practice - 2nd year

As part 1 and 2 of the "Basic Course European Patent Rights and Patent Practice" are independent of each other, there is no need for participants to have taken the first part of the course already before participating in the second one. The first part will be presented once more in 2020 - 2021.

The Expert Group Intellectual Property of ie-net organizes for the 16th time the Basic Course European Patent Rights and Patent Practice. It is organized with the support of the "Centre d'Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle" (University of Strasbourg).
The second year (2019-2020) starts on 26 September 2019.

In this day and age of fast-evolving technological developments, protection of innovation, investments and markets is of the utmost importance. This implies a.o. skilful drafting of patent applications and advising and supporting the patenting process in all its aspects.

In this Basic Course, the field of intellectual property (with emphasis on European, US and Belgian Law) is explained through exercises and lectures on Patent Law, Patent Practice, Case Law, and developments in the jurisdiction of the European Patent Office. The course is based on the European Patent Convention (EPC), with attention for the peculiarities of US and Belgian patent law and practice.

The tutors are all national and/or European patent attorneys practicing in Belgium, both in industry and in private practice.

Target group

The Basic Course targets everyone who is involved in intellectual property, in particular scientists, R&D managers and attorneys at law, for example as a patent adviser, patent manager or patent attorney in training. The course is also a thorough basis (albeit not a complete preparation) for those who are training for the European Qualifying Examination (EQE). 

ie-net member or ie-net partner
Benefit from the reduced participation fee of € 2.100 (instead of € 3.000)

Practical information & Programme

Course language and course material will be in English.

Time schedule
Thursday from 17.00h to 20.30h
Welcome coffee at 16.30h
Sandwich meal at 18.30h

Preferably by 19 September 2019 at the latest.

Dates (provisional shedule)
--- 2019

26 Sep: Procedure up to grant (part 1) (Art.90-98 EPC) - Bart Laenen
10 Oct: Procedure up to grant (part 2) (Art.90-98 EPC) - Bart Laenen
24 Oct: Common Provisions (part 1) (Art.119 - 125 EPC) - Annemie Verbrugghe
07 Nov: Common Provisions (part 2) (Art.119 - 125 EPC) - Annemie Verbrugghe
05 Dec: Common Provisions (part 3) (Art.119 - 125 EPC) - Annemie Verbrugghe
19 Dec: Information to the public (Art. 127 - 132 EPC) - Annemie Verbrugghe
--- 2020
09 Jan: Opposition and Limitation (part 1) (Art. 99 - 105 EPC) - William Bird
16 Jan: Opposition and Limitation (part 2) (Art. 99 - 105 EPC) - William Bird
23 Jan: Opposition and Limitation (part 3) (Art. 99 - 105 EPC) - William Bird
06 Feb: Patent Cooperation Treaty - PCT (part 1) - Annemie Swinnen
20 Feb: Patent Cooperation Treaty - PCT (part 2) - Annemie Swinnen
05 Mar: Patent Cooperation Treaty - PCT (part 3) - Annemie Swinnen
19 Mar: Patent Cooperation Treaty - PCT (part 4) - Annemie Swinnen
02 Apr: Appeals procedure of the European Patent (Art. 106 - 112 EPC) - Maria Garcia
23 Apr: Fees and annuities in the EPC - Ariane Bird
07 May: Extent of protection (Art. 63 - 70 EPC) - Lieven Van hunsel
14 May: Nullity and infringement - Johan Brants
28 May: Oral Proceedings (Art. 116 - 117 EPC) and other practical guidelines - Liesbet Paemen
04 Jun: Important Common Provisions at the EPO (Art. 113; 114; 115 EPC) - Maria Garcia
18 Jun: Patents as an object of property (Art. 71 - 74 EPC) and other considerations - Luc Quaghebeur


Tutors 2019 - 2020

Scientific coordination

Werner Van Borm, PhD
Senior Patent Attorney (European and Dutch)
DIPS International
tel : +32 (0)476 90 24 00
e-mail :

Contact & info

Dirk De Wilde
ie-net ingenieursvereniging vzw
26/09/2019 Van: 17u00
18/06/2020 Tot: 20u30
Het Ingenieurshuis Desguinlei 214 2018 Antwerpen

€ 3.000 for non-members
€ 2.100 for members ie-net *
€ 2.100 for corporate members ie-net
Fees are exempted from VAT
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